Monday, January 24, 2011

New beginnings and new chapters

So I have never blogged before or really done anything quite like this. Most of my internet time is consumed with the typical 21st century guy stuff of Face-booking, Fantasy Football, and buying some sort of electronics. 
A little about myself, my name is Aaron I am 28 and from the mitten state. I served six years in the Marine Corps and toured three times to a theater of combat. (2 in Iraq, 1 in Afghanistan). Ive been to a lot of different countries around the world and haven't really decided if this is where I am going to end up for the rest of my life knowing that so many wonderful and exciting places exist out there. Currently I work at Volkswagon at a entry level position while I am trying to finish up my degree in business, and hopefully move up in the company.

Now down to what I actually wanted to talk about today, just before Thanksgiving I met my now current girlfriend. Although we have only been together for two months now I feel as if she is probably one of the most amazing people I have come across in my time in this crazy life. She has actually opened me up to a lot of new things blogging being one of them. Now if I told you that a guy who tends to consider himself a guys guy would be doing yoga, blogging, or reading certain chick books I'd probably had laughed at you. But I find myself being more and more open  to these things, I have never met a girl who  makes me want to better myself as a person as much as she does. Although our living situations is not something to be desired, it seems only to make us stronger in our resolve to see each other. 

Anyways before I ramble on to much about her, in which I could do for hours. I hope that this new experience will last and it will be a memorable one.

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  1. First commenter on your blog. Sweet!

    Okay, let me introduce myself Aaron. I've known Lauryn since late 2009/early 2010, I don't have time to check but maybe she remembers? I think she's just amazing so I guess you and I already have something in common.

    I'm pleased to hear how happy she is with you, it really sounds like you guys are good together. For me the sign of a good relationship is a woman who makes you want to do things you've never done before, not because she's forced it on you but because you want to. And the sign of a good man is being open-minded enough to try. That you're taking part in these things says a lot about you and also that she's worth it.

    A bit about myself. I'll be forty-six in eighteen days, more into art than sports but not a gurly-man. :) I'm married and LOVE women, without question they're the best thing in life. Don't get me wrong I'm faithful, I just drool and flirt a lot.

    I have a tremendous interest in Psychology, Sociology, and far juicier subjects that I won't get into just yet.

    I'll keep it short but I do want to say "Respect" for your service to the Corp. And welcome to this crazy world of blogging!